Conversations With Daddy Book

Conversations With Daddy Book

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The book is filled with thoughts you’ve probably had,

questions you’ve wondered,

and the situations you’ve dealt with as a wife and mother.

This book is an invitation. I am personally inviting you into my world - not for entertainment, but for encouragement. I want you to have that “fly on the wall” view that I’ve often wished I could have of someone else’s home. 


Because I’ve been you.  

I’ve struggled to believe that there was more to my life than “just” being a wife and mom. I’ve heard people say that “I could make it, keep praying, this too will pass,” but no one was showing me the WAY to make it through. I’d hear pastors and speakers give awesome teachings and say that “God spoke to them,” but I left wondering about HOW God spoke to them instead of what the teaching actually was.

When you read CWD, you’ll see the process and watch the transition from hearing a few words from God to a few pages. God’s directions in my past situations will resonate and speak to your current situation. You’ll see parts of your own life within the book and be able to read the Father’s response. 


This is not a diary or journal.

This is the documentation of 18 months worth of conversations with God. 

This is not dressed up to impress anyone or a glimpse into the highlight reel of my life.

This is a raw, unfiltered look into my personal life, family life, and relationships.  

There are no filters to cover the flaws of the images that these conversations will paint in your mind. 

This is real and transparent. 

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